Managing the care of your aging
parents is exhausting. You need a plan.

Karen.care is the easiest way to plan and act together as family to manage the care of your loved ones.

It's easier to manage with a plan.

We'll create a free, customized action plan for your parent's care, so you can focus your energy on them. Spend your time doing what you need to do, instead of figuring out what to do.

It's easier to plan with knowledge.

Get instant access to information, and links to trusted sources. Avoid
endless Google searches. Karen has already found the info you need.

It's easier to manage as a family.

Get help from family members near or far, and keep everyone informed.
People will help if you can make it easier for them. Karen helps you tell them exactly what you need.

  • "One of the biggest challenges families have is preparing. Karen.care helps solve this problem with a highly customized roadmap that’s easy to use and actionable."

    Jonathan Weaver M.D., Geriatric Medicine

Start with a list of tasks, and invite others to help.

Give us five minutes and
we'll give you control of your life back.

Answer a few questions about your loved one and we'll use our technology,
backed by decades of experience, to create a custom action plan for you.

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