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Make plans for your loved one's funeral and burial or cremation.


What You Should Know

Plan now to make that final transition easier for everyone, especially you. It can be a difficult conversation, or a chance to revisit family memories. Whether your loved one prefers the family plot, cremation, burial at sea, green burial, or something else, learn their wishes.

Having a plan will make the inevitable easier. If your family already has plots at a local cemetery, this can be fairly easy. You can buy a single plot, companion plots, a family plot, or a smaller plot for cremated remains (cremains). Other expenses can include a headstone, outer burial containers, and plot maintenance fees.

Note: Prepayment can be helpful in qualifying for SSI (Supplemental Social Security) in many states. Click the guidance links for more details.

Steps To Take

  • Talk with your loved one about their wishes.
  • Then contact the local cemetery, cremation service, or other provider, as appropriate.
  • Look into your state's laws on pre-payment of burial costs, especially as related to SSI eligibility.
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