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Make sure you have access to your loved one's online accounts.


What You Should Know

Digital privacy is important. But if your loved one forgets or misplaces their digital credentials, they may lose access to their bank account, computer, email and social media.

While you may not think this is an urgent task, your loved one may be experiencing memory loss without you being aware. And a fall or stroke can cause sudden memory loss.

If your loved one is wary of surrendering control, write their credentials on a piece of paper that stays in their home (in a safe, hidden place). Another great option is to use an online password manager that gives you shared access.

One good reason for them to share: if you have access to their accounts, you can help with technical issues.

Steps To Take

  • Talk with your loved one about the need to maintain access to their accounts in case of emergency.
  • Create a list of all their logins and passwords, or use an online password manager and make sure you have shared access.
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