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Organize your loved one's important documents.


What You Should Know

Securing important documents may not seem urgent, but it will one day. Now is the best time to get a handle on your loved one's deeds, insurance policies, pink slips and the like.

Make a project of locating and filing these documents with your loved one. You can scan or photograph them and store them online so everyone has access. Everplans is a fee-based website devoted to records storage. Dropbox and Evernote both offer free online storage and Karen will soon be offering this feature, so check back soon.

Steps To Take

  • Find wills, trusts, and insurance documents.
  • Secure online accounts and passwords (banks, cable, etc.).
  • Get access to household accounts (mortgage, vendors, bills, etc.)
  • Collect all health & medical info.
  • Locate or establish advance directives and DNRs.
  • Determine your loved one’s final wishes and funeral plans.

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